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About Us

Note: In the spring of 2004, DinoHaven LLC acquired the assets of The following extract is about's parent company, DinoHaven LLC.

"Everything you can imagine is real."

Picasso said it. But our company and customers have taken this saying a bit more literal than most.

In the fall of 2001 life changed for many...but for myself and my husband we felt the need to introduce something that would make our friends and family smile a bit during this rough period in America. My oldest son (who was 3 at the time) loved Dinosaurs and I had a home Serger just begging to be used. This combination gave birth to the "Dino Hat". Built just for fun...But I found myself having to answer a frequent question that many of our customers have also had to answer, "Where did you get that hat?" I remember staying up late many times, frantically stitching late at night for others to ensure my friend's children would have a truly unique product that absolutely made heads turn.

DinoHaven was born that year and it has been an absolute blast to see the company evolve, mature, and even deal with some unpredictable and exciting growing pains. Our small company, that was built on simply having fun, fashionable, high-quality products was growing every year and our employees and customers were enjoying its success. The foundation of our early success: Let the customer's imagination take us to the next level. It took us three years from 2001 before we could even think about expanding our product line (at the time, we only had four hats: Dino, Dragon, Rose, and Jester). But we finally did...and we have only looked back to ensure that our core values of Quality, Fun, Customer Service, and Fashion were never neglected. Some recent history:


  • DinoHaven converts a 3,000 sq/ft, 3 story Victorian house to a custom manufacturing/embroidery facility. Ensuring our employees that we would never be a manufacturing sweatshop. Our unique blend of technology and tradition ensures that a family first atmosphere.
  • DinoHaven updates our mission: "To empower our customer's imagination and develop the highest quality fleece merchandise for people all over the world, while maintaining a family friendly, customer-centric atmosphere for our employees and customers."
  • The DinoHaven logo and name become registered Trademarks and owned by DinoHaven LLC.
  • DinoHaven is highlighted in The Washington Post as a premiere place to acquire ski hats. Various articles across the nation pick up on this and we become blitzed with orders.
  • DinoHaven purchases a competitor's assets, is now part of the DinoHaven family.
  • DinoHaven begins importing our more popular hats for our wholesale partners and our websites.
  • DinoHaven updates our domestic manufacturing line with professional, industrial grade sergers, sewing, and embroidery machines.
  • Sightings: Macy's Parade
  • DinoHaven opens a seasonal in-line store at West County Mall, St. Louis, MO.
  • DinoHaven introduces an aggressive Wholesale, Team, and Group discount program.
  • Sightings: World Series, Rose Bowl Parade
  • DinoHaven introduces "DinoHaven Europe", opening the door and formally welcoming worldwide sales.
  • DinoHaven introduces Ski Helmet Covers as a new product line.
  • Sightings: Sears Photo Stores
  • DinoHaven introduces machine Knitted hats.
  • DinoHaven introduces hand Knitted hats.
  • DinoHaven is highlighted in "Diversion" magazine as a Great Gift Idea for pediatricians and family practitioners all over North America.
  • DinoHaven builds upon it's knitted line and introduced 5 more designs.
  • DinoHaven supports mobile viewing of its websites.
  • DinoHaven redesign's corporate web sites of & to support additional mobile platforms. Relies less on Flash application.
It has been an exciting run for us...but what has been one of the more interesting aspects: To see what can come out of the minds of our customers! Your imaginations are truly wild! And with your imagination and our "Dino Engineers", we can truly make something that is very real to any person in your family or friend network! If you ever have any questions or comments, please contact me directly and I will be happy to respond. Best Regards, Camilla Morrow Principal
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