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Shipping & Returns wants you to be in the loop throughout your purchasing experience. Although we provide 3 different shipping methods in the flash coloring brochure (only one method is available on our web site), our past experience indicates that 90% of our customers choose "USPS 1st Class with Tracking".

The map above provides a ROUGH idea of how long your hat should take to get to your home after it is shipped from our manufacturing warehouse, using USPS 1st Class Mail:

REMEMBER: Due to recent favorable press, our custom orders currently take approximately 2 - 4 weeks to ship. This includes template designs throughout our site. If you want items for Christmas, please consider our Knitted and Outlet items. These items can still ship within 48 hours. If you ordered on, or before December 11, 2011, we still anticipate that your product will arrive for Christmas.

Common Questions:

Christmas is coming...where is my hat?
    If you ordered a custom hat on, or before December 10th, 2012, we are trying our very best to insure that your hat will arrive before Christmas. There are particular items that are shipping overseas can take up to 2 months to arrive (typically they arrive within 7-14 days after shipping)...on rare occassions the destination country's customs can get sticky. REMEMBER - If you ordered OUTLET or non-custom Knitted hats, you should still be able to receive the items by Christmas up to Wednesday, December 22nd. Keep this in mind if you are looking for a special holiday gift not typically found in your local boxmart stores.
Do you ship overseas?
    To our European friends across the pond absolutely. To our friends just north, no doubt. To the Aussies "down under", it is our pleasure. To other countries around the world, most probably. Upon checkout you will be prompted to enter a country (shipping costs will increase slightly). While we ship to many countries across the world, we do not ship to Africa at this time.
I think my merchandise is lost in the mail, can you verify?
    It is VERY rare for items to be lost in the mail. Statistically, it is ~0.21%. does happen. We track all items that are shipped from our main office. We will make every effort to track the item that has been mailed to you and figure out what has happened. Please note that we do not consider a domestic order lost until after 30 days from the day that the merchandise was shipped. International orders are considered lost after 60 days from the day that the merchandise was shipped. If your order falls under this category, we provide either a full refund to the customer, or a second delivery option.
My tracking says that the item has been delivered, but it must have been stolen. Will you please resend the hats?
    If the tracking states that a delivery has successfully been made, we will not reship a package.
I live in Europe, how long will it take for my package to arrive?
    While this varies greatly depending upon the county, it is most common for a European package to arrive in 7-14 business days from the time it was shipped (England is a bit faster). Note, however, that packages occasionally get stuck in customs (~5% of the mailings). For this reason we have a 60 day delay for European packages to be considered "lost".
Can I get an online update on my order?
    Yes you can! As of 2008, we have now included a tracking system which will tell you what manufacturing "state" your hat is in at any moment. The manufacturing states are: "In Queue" > "Cutting Hat" > "Building Hat" > "Shipped". This tracking functionality can be entered at the bottom of our home page.
Do you ship APO?
    We absolutely support our troops. Our hats have been seen in bases all over the world, from Afghanistan to Iraq, hopefully bringing with them a smile to the guests and hosts of these countries.
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